The Rapid Evolution of the Internet

The Rapid Evolution of the Internet

The Past, the Present and the Future

What we are able to enjoy now wasn’t possible in the past. The technology in this world has well advance rapidly and is still continuing to evolve. In the past, it was hard to keep in contact with your friend from another country. It was hard to conduct the different market trends. It was hard to advertise your product. It was hard to get a business partner. All these were overcome through the power of The Internet. So now what?
As time passes, opinion changes. Perspective changes and so does the current trends. I will be going through with you on the current networking trends that can be beneficial in many aspect.

Network Reliability

Network Reliability

Network must have the capability to ensure that all links(Click here to learn more about connection) are up all the time. If a network isn’t reliable, then downtime will be a very common problem.

There are 4 key points that have to be met when setting up a network
1.  Fault Tolerance – To have more than 1 connection connected to a certain place.
2.      Scalability – To be able to grow in network size and fit into the network topology/design due to increasing demands
3.      Quality Of Service – To modify the bandwidth priority of traffic so bandwidth is put to better use
4.      Security – To protect the network from intruders. Can increase the security of physical access as well as implementing extra security  system so as to beef up the network security

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Fault Tolerance
We all know how dire a solution is when the network is down. Everyone starts to panic
and chaos arise. A Fault Tolerant Environment will be able to ensure that when a disaster do happen, the impact done to the equipment are kept to the minimal. This is important because it will allow faster recovery time. The damage done to the organization is also reduce greatly depending on the kind of accident that happen. There are 2 kinds of Fault tolerance
1.      Fault Tolerance in a circuit switch
·        Makes use of the load balancing concept. Have many path to the same destination. However only one path will be chosen. If the chosen path is down, remaining system will still be functioning. This allows for the network to continue as usual as if nothing has every happen.
2.      Fault Tolerance in a Packet Switch
·        Similar to circuit switch fault tolerance. The only difference is that the redundancy link is also use when there is no error. Data is usually broken up into smaller packet and encapsulated with the source and destination address. They are then send separately over and de encapsulated at the destination

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Scalability is the ability to scale up the network base on the current demand needed for the network.

Tutorial on the Different Media

There has to be something connecting all the devices together. The Media of the Network is what is used to combine all the device together. We currently have 3 different kind of media which we use so as to transmit data from one end to another.

Copper Cable
Fibre Optics

Tutorial on IP Addressing And Subnetting

IP addressing and Subnetting

Beep Beep Beep! Did I manage to catch your attention? I sure hope I did for this topic will be the base of the entire networking course. This is because we will be going through the relationship of IP addresses (Internet Protocol Address) and Subnet Mask.


How Packets Communicate


How Packets Communicate

Imagine a world without languages. What will be the common ground for our ideas and opinion to interact with each other? What will happen to the innovation we all are seeking for? That’s the same when it comes to the communication done on the network.
We know how the message is transferred from one place to another. But do we know what the message is. That is what we will be discussing.

Explanation of a Router,Switch and Hub

Explanation of a Router, Switch and Hub

Hey there, remember in the earlier post where I elaborate on what an end device is? Well now we will be introducing another kind of device which is the Intermediary Device. This device main purpose is to deliver or send out your request over to the destination. It is like a the journey from point A to point B.  It is used to CONNECT up end devices together
Intermediary Device
Facts on Routers
Ways to access a cisco router
Terminal Software
Cisco Router Mode
More information

The Different Kind Of Network

 The Different kind of Network

Today I will be teaching you all the differences between LAN and WAN as well as how the Internet came about. This concept is one of the basic concept you need to understand in order to go on with the other topics.

What is a network made up of?
Intermediary Devices
Type of topologies?
Difference between Lan and Wan
The Internet
Intranet and Extranet
Converged Mode

Introduction To The Networking World

Note:I will be doing a series of Networking Fundamental guide and will go through all of its content in series of short and fun sets.

Understanding Networking