Introduction To The Networking World

Note:I will be doing a series of Networking Fundamental guide and will go through all of its content in series of short and fun sets.

Understanding Networking
    Understand the basic and fundamentals of networking
    The impact network have on us
    The different sizes of a network setup

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    1,Understanding the Concept and Fundamentals of Networking
    We are currently living in the day and age where we are constantly connected to a network of some sort but we don't really realize it. Networking is basically the connection of  many different people from all walks of life coming together on a certain media. 

    Networking , when brought down to its simplest form, is just a string of  1s and 0s. These 1s and 0s and the identity of these data and it represent their unique form.

    Question to ask yourself: What do you think is the media that allows people to  be able to connect from one place to another?

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    2.The Impact Network Have On Us
    Can you imagine one day , we were thrown back into a society where it was just wooden cubs, spears and Barbarians? How would we be able to communicate with one another from far away? Would we be able to do business across 2 great oceans? Will we be able to obtain any information from another country? 

    No. Without network, none of the above will be possible. Luckily for us, we live in the age where technology
    is being surpassed at the blink of an eyelid. Network has enabled us to be able to communicate with people far far away, allowed us to play games with people from different continents, allowed us to understand what is going on on the other side of the world, allowed us to be able to stay connected with the rest of the world....etc. 

    Question to ask yourself: Do you think you will save more time with or without network access to different technologies?

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    3.The Different Sizes Of Network Setup
    Just like clothing sizes, Network Setup have many different sizes as well. Ranging from Small to Medium to Large Setup, different setup requires different devices used. In this section, i will be going through the different setup formation aka Topologies
    ·       Small network
    ·       Medium to Large Network
    ·       The Internet (A Connection of many Networks)

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