The Rapid Evolution of the Internet

The Rapid Evolution of the Internet

The Past, the Present and the Future

What we are able to enjoy now wasn’t possible in the past. The technology in this world has well advance rapidly and is still continuing to evolve. In the past, it was hard to keep in contact with your friend from another country. It was hard to conduct the different market trends. It was hard to advertise your product. It was hard to get a business partner. All these were overcome through the power of The Internet. So now what?
As time passes, opinion changes. Perspective changes and so does the current trends. I will be going through with you on the current networking trends that can be beneficial in many aspect.
Top Trends at the Moment
·        BYOD  (Bring Your Own Device)
·        Video Collaboration
·        Online Collaboration
·        Cloud Computing

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Bring Your Own Device
This is currently a major trend where people will, literally, be bringing their own device to workplace. In the past, companies will provide you with the necessary device to perform at work. It is shown that when you are using your own device, you will feel a sense of attachment and will be able to have a choice in your device selection. Many companies have been adopting this trend and providing their workers a certain sum of money to get the device they want and need. This will help workers to grow a certain bond with their device which may in fact increase productivity. BYOD also provides lots of flexibility as one does not have to access a certain resource in a certain network. Extended Connectivity has allow remote access to the workplace allowing for easier time management and flexibility in their planning.

Video Communication
This trend refers to the technology that allows both personal users and organization users to be able to facilitate video conferences with your friends or business partner respectively. This enables us to re-create a very realistic environment of a meeting. The benefits of this is how flexible it enables user to be. To be able to be somewhere without being there, almost like a teleportation machine. I will be going through the benefits of this trend
·        Overcome the limitation of Geographic Boundaries – Allows us to be able to have a live face to face communication without having to be physically there.
·        Save the Earth – This trend enables us to save money and time on travelling expenses. Instead, it gives us more flexibility in time management.
·        Increase Targeted Audience– Enables user to hop on and join different video conferences no matter where they are at. It could be about the company or self-help purposes but the main point is, availability. This allows for a larger audience to be targeted.

Online Collaboration
In the past, it was literally impossible to do a joint partnership from one end of the world to another. Well now, that dream is here. Online collaboration is spreading like wildfire. With this technology, it allows for better planning and sharing of ideas. You will be able to join the discussion even if you are not physically present with the rest of the team.  I will now be listing a few benefits that comes along with this trend.
·        Improves and broaden the number of

Communication Choices – With Online Collaboration, meeting doesn’t have to held at certain location. It can be held all over the world. Collaboration can be done across the whole world with no limitation. One such example is Google Drive where you can access the same information and contribute at any time.
·        Increase Efficiency – Workers and collaboration partners will be able to share their ideas and plan with one another at the tip of their fingers. No need for waiting time, no need for meetings. Information will be accessible easily and will hence increase the productivity and efficiency of their current project as there will be no more bottlenecks.
·        Courses training Evolved– Ever heard of webinars, seminars and courses. All of these are now available online. You can be going for a course that is held in Europe but still be in another part of the world. Isn’t that amazing, just think of all the time and money saved.
·        Improved Customer Service – This trend doesn’t necessarily be used for planning or events. It can also be use at the servicing market to provide customer with the access that will connect them to the company straight resulting in a better experience.

Cloud Computing
Refers to the technology that delivers a service to users. These service is chargeable. Allows user to get the benefits without having to do the heavy work. It allows the storage of personal file. It allows the retrieval of data over the Internet. It increase business capability without any investment in physical infrastructure. Many service can be sold over the cloud to any device in the world. So what are the benefits of Cloud Computing?
·        Offers Flexibility – Able to access information anywhere at anytime
·        Rapid Growth  – Able to increase the companies capability without having to purchase physical infrastructure
·        Resources Utilization – Resources of the company can be  put to better use
·        Creation of new strategies – New strategies that includes cloud computing in it
Data Centre
How is this possible, this is only possible because there is a data centre that stores all the information for you? This centre have
·        Redundant Data ConnectionTo provide Reliability and Fault Tolerance
·        Efficient Servers – To provide fast read and write speed over the Internet
·        Redundant Storage Devices – Provide Extra reliability and Data Backu 
·        Extra power supplies – Ensure the chances of power failure are kept to the minimum

This allows the server to run 24/7 and ensures that backup is accounted. In an event of a power failure or data loss, recovery can be done as quick as possible and allows the server to run at full speed at no time

I hope you manage to understand how technology is evolving over time and the current trends! Overtime, more trends are definitely going to be spotted!  If you have enjoyed this post and found it informative, please share it on the social media. Also if you have any suggestion, just link to the blog. Thank you for your time and till next time

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  1. Definitely technology has made it possible to talk a person living in another corner of the world live, as if he is sitting next to us. The above mentioned technology has made the companies to be liberal, by giving "Work from home" option, thereby increasing employee productivity.