The Different Kind Of Network

 The Different kind of Network

Today I will be teaching you all the differences between LAN and WAN as well as how the Internet came about. This concept is one of the basic concept you need to understand in order to go on with the other topics.

What is a network made up of?
Intermediary Devices
Type of topologies?
Difference between Lan and Wan
The Internet
Intranet and Extranet
Converged Mode

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A network backbone is made up of a
· Device ( PC ,  Laptop , Mobile Phone, Hub , Router )
· Media (The Connection)
· The kind of Service you want ( Web browsing or IMAP or PoP3)
How does DATA pass through a network?
The Data will originate from the source device and travel down
the media and will finally reach the destination

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Intermediary Devices
They are used to direct packets to the correct destination. Some can also be used to filter out packets that can enter or leave their interfaces.
· Hubs
· Switches
· Routers

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There are 2 kinds of topologies. Physical and Logical. Physical decides how the connection are wired up and where the device is place.Where as logical topology usually includes the IP addressing scheme of the device as well as the device kind.

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What is the difference between LAN and WAN
Local Area Network(LAN)
Wide Area Network (WAN)

· Does not need a Service provider to connect up
·Shares the same network

· Needs a service provider
·  Different LAN connected together
· Separated through long distances

The important difference between a LAN and a WAN is that WAN requires a service provider. That is the only way you can differentiate a LAN and a WAN easily.

Now let us see the diagram below  and see the difference how LAN and WAN are interconnected

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The Internet?
The internet is a huge combination of different network that are usually owned by the different service provider in the world. It acts like a School where there are many different classes (Service Provider) and clique (Network) which forms the school (Internet).

The internet is the connection of many LAN and WAN which hence cause them all to be interconnected.

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Intranet and Extranet
·        Intranet refers to a network that isn’t  usually accessible from outside the companies network
·        Extranet is delegating certain access to people that are not in your company to access the company site

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Converged Network

Converged network is when different network specialized in different services comes together and form a network that does all of the services in the different network.

I hope you had learn something from this post and will continue to learn more in the future. If you have any question, misconception or suggestion for this blog, please comment down below at the comment section.

Photo Credits to Cisco Packet Tracer

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