Tutorial on the Different Media

There has to be something connecting all the devices together. The Media of the Network is what is used to combine all the device together. We currently have 3 different kind of media which we use so as to transmit data from one end to another.

Copper Cable
Fibre Optics

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1.      Copper Cable
·        Very Cheap material and easily obtainable.
·        Used in RJ 45 cable.
·        Cat 5e can go up to 100mbps. Distance of up to 100 metre
·        Cat 6 can go up to 10000 mbps at 100 metre

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2.      Fiber Optics
·        High Cost
·        Internal Cabling easily broken as it is glass
·        Multi-mode allows same speed at shorter distance
·        Single Mode allows more distance at same  speed but is more expensive compared to multi mode.
·     Single Mode has a smaller core compared to Multi Mode.

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3.      Wireless
·        Uses frequency
·        Uses channel
·        2.4ghz and 5 ghz
·        2.4ghz is use for longer range but slower speed
·        5ghz is used for short range but has a faster speed
·        No need physical medium to connect devices
·        Speed is slower as there is throughput involved

I hope you have a better understanding of the different media that are currently being used. Please like and share if you find this post informational. Any questions or suggestion are highly welcome.
(Edited on the speed of cat5e cable, differences of multi and single mode)

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  1. Author, please double check everything. Cooper media (rj45) can't be longer than 100m. And the maximum speed is 1G but not 10G.

    Talking about fiber optics. Both types (single mode or multi mode) support same speed. Nowadays it is usually 1G or 10G. The difference is only distance, it's obvious that single mode can reach longer distances.

    Wireless. Talking about coverage radius you are right. 2.4 goes much more than 5ghz. But by comparing speeds now it's the same.

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for helping me point that out! I have edited it already! I agree with all your points except the last point! 5ghz and 2.4ghz do make a big difference In speed! I have a 5ghz setup that can go up to 160mbps and at that exact spot the 2.4ghz can only go up to 36mbps!
    Thank you and have a pleasant day